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Telugu Astrology for 2014-15
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  • TAURUS Horoscope For February 27, 2015
    For people of the Moonsign Taurus, this is a day of happiness as the Moon is making a re-entry into your birth Moonsign (Rashi). Under its influence you will be successful in enhancing your will power immensely. Mental stability itself is big strength, which helps in building one's career.

    At present the Moon is transiting through the Nakshatras of planets Sun, Moon and Mars. During this period you can arrive at all sorts of important decisions, can start new projects and can invest money anywhere. The birth Moon sign creates no obstacles at all but your over anxiousness, non-application of knowledge in the right direction, your association with undesirable elements and their counseling may create a hurdle in the way to prosperity.

    White color will be extremely lucky for you today. Worshiping Lord Krishna will be lucky for you throughout your life. You will intake delicious food today and there will be happy moments with your family. More importantly, you will be filled with peace and bliss today.

    If you are suffering from a disease, you will feel relief today. This is the right day to waken your inborn capabilities and proceed in the right direction. This is the time for progress and development.
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